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Filipino Recipes – Champorado (Dessert) Recipe – Pinoy Meals Stuff

Filipino Recipes - Champorado (Dessert) Recipe - Pinoy Food Stuff

Champorado or chocolate flavored rice porridge is a favourite breakfast amid Filipinos, particularly for households with Kids. I haven’t met a toddler who don’t like sweets and that explains why champorado is sort of well-known in nearly all properties from the place.

I recall passing a can of evaporated milk throughout the desk manner again once I was just a bit lady. And my sisters and I might make an effort to overcome each other out Along with the patterns we make utilizing the milk along with our bowls of heat champorado. Papa and Mama would select our sorts and we’d all be declared winners inside our have proper. How carefree existence was again then.

Going again once more to cooking, there are many champorado mixes on the market in the marketplace at the moment wherein you solely must pour very popular ingesting water and go away it to Put together dinner for 5 minutes or so and likewise your breakfast is prepared. However for me virtually nothing beats this Unique champorado recipe manufactured even richer Along with the addition of coconut milk. In addition to in my experience, coconut milk has not failed me within the quite a few recipes which i’ve tried out. Go on and taste the first distinction.


1 cup malagkit rice
three cups slim coconut milk or water
one cup sugar
1 cup pure thick coconut milk
two tablespoons cocoa powder or 2 squares pure chocolate
Pinch of salt

Cooking Method:

Clear rice properly and drain. Place inside a pot or saucepan with three cups slender coconut milk or water. Cope with and boil for roughly 10 minutes. To keep away from scorching, stir Now and again.
Combine the cocoa powder or grated chocolate Whereas utilizing the sugar and add to combination utilizing a pinch of salt. Embody and allow simmering till lastly the rice is cooked. Stir combination Every so often. Insert the thick coconut milk simply earlier than taking away with the warmth.
Is perhaps served scorching or chilly.

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