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Filipino Recipes – Fish Sarciado Recipe – Pinoy Foodstuff

Filipino Recipes - Fish Sarciado Recipe - Pinoy Foodstuff

Often, leftover fried fish will no extra fashion nice when taken every single day quickly after it’s cooked. However I don’t wish to toss away meals stuff, specifically after I take into account the big variety of women and men across the globe who don’t have anything to eat. (Bless my little coronary heart.) So nearly at all times, I wind up cooking sarciado the next day And so the fried fish will nonetheless flip into inviting.

However this recipe is not going to be distinctive for leftover fish solely. You may even have newly fried fish to include further style to a traditional dish. The phrase sarciado merely suggests cooking or braising with sautéed tomatoes. And right here’s a suggestion that I wish to share: use tomatoes which are extremely ripe. And You may even velocity up your cooking by mashing the tomatoes remaining cooked in oil.


1 kilo fish
Salt and pepper (to fashion)
Cooking oil for frying
three cloves garlic (chopped)
three tablespoons cooking oil
1/two cup onions (finely chopped)
one half cup ripe tomatoes (finely chopped)
two tbsp environmentally pleasant onions (finely sliced)

Cooking Process:

Cleanse fish and rub with salt and pepper. Put apart for an hour or so and drain completely.
Inside a frying pan, warmth ample oil to guard fish. Fry full fish greater than medium heat till lastly it may be light brown. Don’t overcook. Place over a serving platter.
Saute garlic in three tablespoons cooking oil proper till mild brown. Embody onions and cook dinner till lastly clear.
Embody tomatoes and carry on cooking about small warmth, lined. Stir often till finally the combination would be the regularity of catsup. Time to fashion with salt and pepper.
Get rid of sauce from heat and pour above fish. Garnish with eco pleasant onions.

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